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Save time, money and worry with grease trap cleaning services in Boston, MA from Drain Doctor. A lack of proper maintenance of the grease trap allows for grease to move from into you sewer system where it can harden and cause severe backups, that's why we offer 24/7 grease trap cleaning services for when these emergencies happen.

Our trained technicians will help keep your plumbing working correctly by removing all grease that has backed up. We have the tools needed to properly work in the Boston area. We diagnose the problem and remove any clogs fast, and affordably.

Grease Trap Cleaning Boston MA

You can prevent serious grease trap backups with a call to Drain Doctor!

Grease Trap Cleaning by Drain Doctor

Drain Doctor has been family owned and operated by Dan, since 1984. We pride ourselves on providing the best service at reasonable rates. We not only work with residential homeowners, but also commercial properties, like apartment complexes, restaurants, hospitals, colleges and more.