Sewer Cleaning Services in Cambridge, MA

Drain Doctor offers a high pressure water jetting service which is an extremely affective sewer cleaning service used when you have a sewer drain that is clogged. Cambridge, MA homes, apartment complexes and especially restaurants benefit from this extremely effective sewer cleaning solution.

Over time your sewer line and drains, like the kitchen sink drain, build up debris that settles in the drain creating sludge like substance that stays in the drain for good

Sewer Cleaning Cambridge MA

Utilizing Water Jetting for Sewer Cleaning in Cambridge

An electric cable machine does not usually remove this debris build up. You've called a plumber before. They have snaked the drain with their cable machine and the same clogged drain returns within the same month or six months later. The reason being in many cases is the cause of the drain problem has not been removed, so in time the build up process continues to create the same problem.

Water jetting removes all the debris that has built up in the drain over time, some times over many months and in some cases after many years of use. To learn more about sewer cleaning services in Cambridge, MA, call Drain Doctor or fill out the contact form on your right.