Grease Trap Cleaning in Medford, MA

Drain Doctors works offers restaurants and other commercial businesses grease trap cleaning in the Medford, MA area to ensure grease traps are cleaned and properly maintained. We work with property managers, resorts, hotels, motels, golf and country clubs, hospitals, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, retirement communities and more to help keep their grease traps free and clear of sludge and odor.

Frequently Asked Grease Trap Cleaning Questions

What is a grease trap? Grease traps were designed to prevent the high volume of fats, oils and grease at commercial establishments from clogging main sewer lines.

How often should it be cleaned? Each establishment has different needs. Drain Doctor has services plans for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly vistis.

How much will grease trap cleaning cost? The cost depends on the size, location and ease of access. For more information for grease trap cleaning services in Medford, it's best to call 888-372-4621.

Grease Trap Cleaning Medford MA