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Outstanding service. Called at 8am on fri. They called back within 5 minutes and were here within an hour. Very friendly, very professional. Found several blockages and quickly cleared them in my 2nd floor bathroom drains. They were careful and knowledgeable about the old plumbing in our house. Fee was reasonable and competitive with other drain services I've hired over the years. Highly recommended.
Marty V. (Medford MA.) - 1/13/2012

My first yelp review... Drain doctors were amazing! I got their number from big blue plumbing and heating, and they came the very next morning and fixed everything I needed fixed! They were very professional, fast, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend their service!
A. (Boston MA) - 10/29/2011

We had a slow drain in the bathtub that wasn't responding to solvents. I called one large franchise and got quoted over $300 to snake it. I then went on Yelp and found Drain Doctor. A very friendly man answered the phone and sent someone over within 1/2 an hour. For less than half the price the drain now empties and we have a 90 day guarantee.
April (Boston MA.) - 3/29/2011

Highly recommended: professional, quick, and pleasant.
We called Drain Doctor after two days of trying to fix a drainage problem ourselves. We cleaned traps, tried snaking (unsuccessfully), used solvents and plunging, to no avail. I called at 9:30am and scheduled an appointment between 1-3 the same afternoon. The office called at noon to ask if I was home for an earlier visit--I wasn't, but the attentiveness was much appreciated.
The technician, Eric, showed up at 1:15. He was courteous, friendly, and super efficient: when he left 45 minutes later, not only was the problem fixed (power snaking did the trick, and lots of flushing the system), but he reinstalled the drain plates we had removed before his visit, and he left the tub clean--where gross water had been backing up, leaving nasty bits and film all over. This was above and beyond in my opinion.
I wouldn't say the service was cheap, but I don't have anything to compare it to, and frankly it was worth every penny. I didn't ask for a quote up front and one wasn't offered, but I'm sure they would have obliged. The service was also warrantied for 90 days. Really happy to find a local business that does such good work to call on in the future.
Margarett C. (Middlesex MA) - 2/15/2011

I left them a non-urgent message on Sunday night. Got a phone call the next morning. Sent someone over in an hour. Turns out we weren't having a drain problem but rather needed to update some parts in the toilet. The technician who came out told me exactly what I would need to do to fix it myself and didn't charge me a dime. If were ever actually have a problem they will be the first number I call.
This is why I buy local.
Sarah N (Somerville MA) - 10/25/11

Drain on 3rd floor didn't work. Regular plumber went down as far as he could but couldn't clear the line. Recommended Drain Doctor Somerville.
Drain Dr. Somerville came out within an hour *on a Saturday.* Guy was very polite, did the job quickly, cleaned up after and I paid a very reasonable sum.
MA (Cambridge MA)- 12/14/2009

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